Cards Against Humanity 1st Expansion white smoke, his face becomes slightly blurred, in the last ray of sunset even have a very decadent beauty Damn I actually think he is beautiful He squinted cards against humanity 1st expansion at me, cards against humanity price slightly head down, Oh laughed and said how to come to them to discuss justice Tone with a consistent disdain. He looked oblique look, so I simply can not stand As if a thorn, straight to my heart. Why do you fight them, where are they messing with you I clenched his fists and waved at him like a tiger with claws. Puchi Xiao Fei suddenly laughed and blinked at me and said In the early summer, you look like a tigress. I am slightly stunned. Xiaofei smile to ease the scene of the rage of the atmosphere, but did not calm my heart of the anger. Who said I hit them They said Well, it seems I overestimate them, two no daring guy He took a deep breath, in the smoke slightly squinting at me I just made a duel with them, they promised Immediately, I shook my head at once. How could they promise you this request, do you think everyone is so fond of you He used the index finger and middle finger sandwiched, looked up to see the last sunset sunset, and then slowly overturned spit smoked and said Well I told them, since dare to write love letters, they should have the courage to accept the challenge. Won me, are el. $txt1=preg_replace(\"/\\s{2,}/i\",\" \",$txt1);

ing for more than an hour, so it is Liu Hao that guy This is not what you are arranged I wait why do not you know about it Why would you wait for me at Riverside Park I suddenly sorted out the chaos and caught the point of the problem. I I wrote in the letter. If, if you are willing to come to cards against humanity 1st expansion cards against humanity 1st expansion the Riverside Park sculpture to meet Zhang Yanjun can not help but open his eyes, said the back has become a whisper softly. But I did not see it, you did not write on the letter I loudly argue for myself, suddenly feel that they are innocent. I, I wrote on the back of the envelope ah Zhang Yanjun also looked at me in surprise. Oh, I do not pay attention to the back of the envelope I cried out. Ah He stunned his mouth. Why, then why will Liu Paused, he suddenly angrily said, Do not you tell him I did not I immediately argued for myself, yes, he is peeking at my letter this guy, I was looking for him to account it Thought of his evil, I was angry teeth. But looked at Zhang Yanjun a group of purple purple group of the face, I whispered and guilty asked He hit you Well He was heavy Lengheng soon, no answer, carrying the bag turned away. And I passed away, suddenly with a little frustration to take a whisper I can not beat him. Liu Zhihao Liu Zhihao Liu Zhihao I am a.If you are not clear about your personality, I thought you were hinting at me No Just bed is great. You do not have to sleep in the room can be. A person in the huge room, I will cranky I want you to sleep with me But you sleep in a bed, but you will be very dangerous You are not afraid of what I will do to you His lips quickly hit my nose Anyway, we have I am helpless to say. I think if tonight he is not with me, I may not sleep I am afraid, I am afraid he is not around me Maybe tomorrow he opened his eyes. He stared at me for a long while, and then wiped his face, grunt a few words, helpless sigh. Pleaded up to bed, got into the quilt, took me into my arms, retaliated in my neck and left a deep kiss. I think so much of my self control, so trust me, when I am when Liu Xiahui.If if I really really how to you tonight, it really Although I would like. He sighed But for you, I will be back when Liu Hui now I am satisfied with the head resting on his arm, buried in his chest, looking for a most comfortable location, smell his fresh sunshine. Soon after, was drowsiness and tired to conquer, fell into sleep. Before going to sleep also heard his pet and helpless sigh. It will be these days, I sleep the most once, I believe The next day, when I woke up from sleep, he was still immersed in.y think about leaving No matter what I say you will not stay See me again shaking his head, he is like a defeated cock like helpless looked at me, and finally accept the reality. When are you coming back do not know One month The two sounds almost cards against humanity unofficial expansions at the same time. He stared at me, once again concessions up to six months One year In fact, my own return is also the heart of the spectrum Perhaps like a brother to wait until you can take this sad when I will come Okay, he finally got a compromise. Do not have a lot of time, not late, you will give me obediently come back, know His eyes reluctantly slipped my brow, my eyes I will be here that day And I ll give you an answer Goodbye I looked at him murmured and then turned to the cabin. I know a lot of sighs sounded behind, and that hot sight has been chasing my shadow did not move away However, when I set foot on this piece of land with a lot of my memory, it is already three years later This three years, I won the praise of the world with their own strength, successfully started the WINDY.SG photographer s name. Now, WINDY.SG name in foreign countries just as Du Fengfeng name in China the vast majority of people know Three years, this time is not long but not short Enough to make my hair short and long, long and short, short and long ag.

Cards Against Humanity 1st Expansion denly the eyes of a squint, put the soft voice, from now on, I want to be better.As long as you obediently obedient, what you want I can buy you. I will pet you, love you, let you have the most comfortable days, so that all the city women are envious of your envy to die I saw his eyes flashed the excitement of light and some I can not read the affair, so I hold a line of hope to him If you really want to love me, then let me No He suddenly began to get angry, eyes instantly become violent and cruel. You are the only one is not against me, disobedience me, do not listen to me So, never let me today let you Then rushed to kiss my neck. I torn and bite, desperately hit him. He seems to be angry because of my crazy struggle, a slap in the face of a heavy fan, I played almost fainted. When I was weak, he did not know where to find a nylon rope, stripped my clothes, tied my hands together, one end tied to the bed column. Then he looked down with the deep eyes and looked at my body. I close my eyes, feel shy and angry, but also know that today is not escape. He laughed, pressed down and began to taste me slowly, slowly enjoy me Several times the tide receded, I do not know how long he was playing with. But he did not stop the meaning, continue to lick kiss on me, and even to.with them, my mother and they do not know. So why should they appear at this funeral And even rush busy, as if dead is their own family and friends. Perhaps cards against humanity 1st expansion they are the play in the play. Every play needs to run the dragon sets of the way, or how will the drama wonderful So, people s life, is not in addition to their own play in the play a few main roles, cards against humanity 1st expansion are in other people s drama running a long sleeve it Today to this person to run, tomorrow to the man to run. In short, running around are long sets of it. Think of these, I could not help but want to laugh, because it is really funny. But I can not Everyone is looking at me, how can I laugh at my mother s funeral cards against humanity 6th expansion release date Oh, that is a big filial ah All the people think I should be crying, but the funeral from the beginning so far, I have not cried. My tears are flowing in my heart, not my face. The kind of tears on the face, if you want it to flow, then desperately squeeze can also be a few drops out of the. But I do not need that kind of tears, I stick to myself. Why should i cry in front of these people Why should i cry to them Is it more than this farce is not busy, but also want to add an exciting for it Of course, it might be a good idea to laugh. The world will think I am crazy, much to combat the spirit of confusion, this is not mor.